Lucid Vs Zinus Comparison

by The Mattress Authority September 13, 2021 5 min read

Lucid Vs Zinus Comparison

Zinus and LUCID are the top two companies in the US and the world for low to medium-cost memory foam mattresses. These two brands have already defended the market standard. With their great qualities against budgets, they are a favorite among buyers. So, which one should you buy? Which is better among these two mattress brands? Read on to know the best possible option.

The Design


First, consider the design of these two notable brands. Despite offering memory foam mattresses, both LUCID and Zinus have different designs.

Zinus uses three memory foam layers to construct its mattress. The first layer is 2-inch memory foam with an open-cell structure. It has castor oil and green tea extract to ward off molds and bacteria. The foam is comfortable and is quite breathable. Under this layer lies a 3-inch comfort foam.

It offers ergonomic spine alignment for better sleep. The lowest layer is the 5-inch high-density foam. This foam offers proper motion absorption and gives more comfort.

LUCID mattresses also come in three layers. The topmost three-inch gel memory foam has cooling gel. It also has small holes to channel airflow between the mattress. This way, you get a cooler mattress while sleeping. Beneath this comes the one-inch charcoal foam. It has strong antimicrobial properties. Hence, the mattress can fend off mold and bacteria attacks. This charcoal layer also provides support to the bottom layer.

The bottom layer or base layer is an eight-inch dense foam. It absorbs motion and also offers you ergonomic support. Hence, you get sleep minus the discomfort.


In Zinus, the main feature is the pillow-top design. The cover has an extra quilted layer of microfiber and foam. Hence, it gives a more plush effect and better support to your head and neck region. Zinus uses polyester jacquard fabric to design its covers. 

The cover, as well as the quilted foam layer, has moisture-absorbing properties. The covers are designed according to the OEKO-TEX 100 Standards. Hence, these are free of any harmful chemicals. But, this cover is not removable, so you may need to use another mattress protector to keep it safe from stains.

On the other hand, LUCID uses a Tencel cover for its mattresses. It is a synthetic fiber sourced from eucalyptus leaves. The cover is breathable, soft, and is very rugged in design. It is also soothing and offers a great cooling effect. The best part of it is that it is removable. Tencel covers come with a zipper for the convenience of washing.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is another important criterion for mattresses. If you are a person who tosses and turns, the mattress must have good motion absorption quality. It will allow you and your partner a peaceful sleep without any jerking or movement.

In this case, both Zinus and LUCID are winners. Both of their mattresses have good motion transfer capabilities. That means active sleepers can enjoy uninterrupted sleep with these two brands.

The Plush Feeling and Firmness

The firmness and plush feeling of both brands are different. These two qualities vary due to personal choices. While some love firm mattresses, others love a soft and plush mattress for sleeping.

Both of these brands offer medium-firm mattresses. Such a mattress offers better support to your spine. It also offers relief from back or shoulder pains. Hence, you can choose any of these.

The Trial Period

Both of these two brands offer trial periods. Zinus offers 100-night at-home trials for its consumers. That means you can return the mattress after 100 days of purchase. But, LUCID offers a shorter trial period of 30 days only.

Sinking Effect

The sinking effect is related to comfort. Mattresses which allow you to sink in are great. They offer a better hugging effect and conforms to your body shape. Such mattresses allow your muscles to relax during sleeping. Medium-firm mattresses also relieve pressure from muscles.

Zinus mattresses use green tea-infused top layer memory foam for a great sinking effect. Its lower layers prevent wrong curves and offer you good alignment during sleep. But, larger people may not get much comfort.

On the other hand, LUCID uses a cooling gel top layer. Its perforated structure offers a spongy bounce to the slipper. The gel foam offers a medium sinking effect while aligning according to your curves. The denser lower layers also absorb pressure and keep you comfortable.


In the case of Zinus, their mattresses come with a uniform surface. Hence the mattress can mimic your curves properly. But, Zinus may cause some discomfort for people with large body frames and stomach sleepers. Such people may feel a deep sinking effect. 

Here, LUCID wins with a narrow margin. Their mattresses are sturdier and offer more uniform support. The mattresses offer support to your spine without causing any discomfort. Additionally, LUCID mattresses can distribute weights adequately. The brand ensures anybody gets the right support and proper cradling effect, irrespective of their body structure and weight.

Product Range

Zinus is a winner due to their different thickness. Besides their standard 12 inch mattresses, the brand offers 8-inch and 10-inch mattresses. This makes Zinus a great choice for a kids’ bed.

On the other hand, LUCID offers two different firmness levels- medium and medium-plush. Besides that, LUCID ls has a wider range of varieties.

Odor Control

Zinus mattresses come with a green-tea-infused top layer. It offers a subtle fresh aroma and often soothes your senses during sleep. The green tea extract also prevents odors.

LUCID mattresses come with a charcoal layer, which absorbs odors.
Hence, both of these can fight bad odors.

The Decision- Which is the better choice?

So, which is better? Zinus or LUCID?

Well, both have their plus and minus points. Therefore, you need to choose the best mattress according to your sleep preferences. Here are a few recommendations:

You have muscle ache and body pain: People with body aches and muscle pain can choose LUCID mattresses as their layers offer effortless shifting. Hence, your muscles will remain relaxed. Besides that, the mattress will also relieve stress from your joints.

You are a side sleeper: A side sleeper will get better comfort from Zinus. Its unique pillow-top design will relieve the excess pressure from your shoulders and hips. Also, it will offer you a better cuddling effect.

You are a back and side sleeper: Such people will find a LUCID mattress for comfort.

Restless sleepers: Zinus mattresses have better motion absorption power. Hence, if you turn and toss repeatedly, it will offer better sleep. The snake is for people with active sleeping partners.

You are a hot sleeper: LUCID mattresses come with cooling gel memory foam. It absorbs your sweat and also offers a cooling effect and better air circulation. Hence, you will not get all sweaty with LUCID mattresses. Those who live in hot and humid areas can also use this brand for a better cooling effect.

People who are larger and heavier: 

If you are tall or have a larger body frame, choose LUCID mattresses. It will offer you a better sleeping experience and better firmness for your larger build.


Both Zinus and LUCID are “value for money” mattress brands. Despite having memory foam structures, both of these brands have different features and facilities.

Choosing the right one is in your hands, and you may find one brand better than the other. Each of these two is better with its distinct advantages. You have to choose the ideal mattresses according to your sleeping position, firmness or body structure, and other preferences.