Best 5 Mattresses of Top Quality

by The Mattress Authority September 07, 2021 8 min read

Best 5 Mattresses of Top Quality

Today’s world is a busy place. People work for hours and the bed is the only place one can truly relax. However, the bed becomes a rather uncomfortable place unless it has a good mattress. Mattresses are the most important part of a bed.

A mattress is what makes the difference between waking up fresh and energetic for the day’s work and waking up tired and exhausted. You want to have a mattress which suits your needs perfectly. Some people need stiff mattresses with a firm base, while others like their mattress to have cooling properties. Another type of mattress which is on-demand these days is the memory foam mattress.

The memory foam mattress remembers your sleeping position and adjusts itself to conform to the contours of your body while keeping your spine straight. Apart from the comfort, mattresses are also important to make sure that your body remains fit and you do not end up with back sprains and a stiff neck.

However, given the sheer number of mattresses ok the market today, it can become a little confusing, having to decide which mattress to take home. What does not help is the fact that mattresses are an investment and usually stay with you for around 10 years.

The Top 5 Mattresses

Buying mattresses online is an excellent way of getting the best deals within a price range. There is not only an unlimited collection of various brands, features, range of qualities, and types, but there are also multiple discount options available that will be totally smooth for anyone’s budget. The top best mattresses according to people’s preference and qualities are as follows:

1) Prima Sleep Multilayered Memory Foam Mattress

This special orthopaedic mattress has the best value for money. The previous buyers have rated this product 4.4/5. The dimensions of this mattress are length- 80 inches, width- 60 inches, and height- 9 inches. It is a firm-based mattress that is majorly made up of high-quality memory foam. The manufacturing warranty for this product is of 10 years. It is a rather lightweight mattress which weighs about 51 pounds.

It is only available in white colour, like many other similar products. This mattress has a five layered technology to have the best combination of comfort and care. The base layer consists of a high resilient memory support foam for firmness. Then there is a transition layer in the mattress.

This is covered by the layer of next-generation memory foam that gives supreme comfort and is orthopedically tested and renowned. On top of that is a layer of cool foam to make sure the friction doesn’t damage the memory foams and the mattress. It realigns the spine, neck and hips and makes sure there is an even balance to distribute body weight equally throughout ensuring there is no blood clots or restlessness.


  • It has comfortable breathable fabric.
  • The cool foam keeps the friction low and the body cools during summers.
  • The next-generation memory foam takes the shape of your body and perfectly fits in.
  • The transition layer perfectly lets your hips and shoulders to sink in and keeps the spine aligned.
  • The external cover is removable and zippered.
  • This mattress is usable on both sides, although the white side is recommended.
  • A free cover is provided with the mattress.
  • Multilayered technology and comfort.


  • Not ideal for back pain as this is spongy and soft.
  • The main mattress is not waterproof.

2) Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

This mattress has been bought by about 19,000 people and they have rated this 4.7/5. The dimensions of this mattress are length- 78 inches, breadth- 72 inches, and height- 6 inches. Although this is the most common dimension and this is available in over 6 or 7 size variations.

The primary material used to produce this mattress is high quality gel memory foam. It weighs about 30 pounds and is rectangular in shape. There is warranty of 10 years over the manufacturing of this product.The medium form comfort of this mattress is extremely popular because it is neither hard nor unhealthily soft. It is generally made for king sized beds.

There is a1-inch gel memory foam in this mattress along with 5-inch-highdensity-based support foam. It is orthopedically verified and of supreme quality. It has a breezy inner cover for air circulation. There is also an anti-skid-based fabric along with zero partner disturbance.


  • The medium comfort and firmness cater to the widest range of population.
  • The package is directly delivered from the factory and is lightweight and portable.
  • The unboxing is also extremely easy and doesn’t require expert guidance or help.
  • The cover can be easily removed and washed to keep the mattress hygienic, sanitized, clean and dust-free.
  • The five layers consist of an anti-skid base, a breezy inner cover, a high-density foam, a gel memory foam, and a premium zipper cover.
  • The sleepy-cat community that has global memberships help with all kinds of guidance and usage instructions.


  • Doesn’t help in maintaining temperature.

3) Hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress

This mattress is especially popular for kids. It has been bought by about 2000 people and they have rated this 4.3/5. The dimensions of this mattress are length- 38 inches, breadth- 26 inches and height- 5 inches. The primary material used to produce this mattress is premium fabric and top-quality foam.

It is meant and produced for the size of a double bed. It weighs about 19 kgs and is rectangular in shape. There is a 3-year warranty over the manufacturing of this product. This is a dual feel mattress that unconventionally has medium-firm on one side of it and extra firm texture on the other side. There is an added thickness layer for special comfort and support. The air mesh fabric on the sidewalls of the mattress is scientifically crafted for better air circulation. Premium fabric is used as the upholstery material.

This mattress provides innovative sleep solutions that are tested by high technology labs and expert scientists who have curated the mattress using orthopedically enhanced sleep technology. It also has Neem Fresche technology to keep the sleep fresh and pure.


  • The dual-mode of the mattress is extremely convenient as it lets you choose between medium firm and extra firm sides of the same mattress. It perfectly fits the requirements of the two at various points.
  • There is a quilt of each foam in quilting on the top layer to make the mattress soft and comfortable.
  • The high resilience foam in the middle is helpful.
  • The air mesh fabric technology also promotes air circulation and results in better breathability.
  • The mattress is delivered in pre-assembled form and is directly ready to use after unboxing.


  • This mattress is only available for kids’ double bed size.

4) Sleepy Head Orthopedic Mattress

This is among the best mattresses available online and is rated 4.5/5 by its previous buyers. The dimensions of this mattress are length- 80 inches, breadth- 54 inches, and height- 3 inches. It’s primary material of production is foam and is available in white color only.

This extraordinarily comfortable mattress also has a 10-year warranty available to make sure your money doesn’t get wasted at all even if it is damaged or faces any problems. It guarantees a cocoon-like feeling in the foam layer, and also has the technology of even weight distribution throughout the mattress for pressure-relieving memory foam.

It is a very convenient mattress in form of a high-density HR Orthopedic support. It also constitutes of High GSM breathable fabric for supreme comfort and care.This product comes with a 100 nights trial and is delivered at home for free. It is not only easily portable; it is also removable and washable.

The unboxing is quite easy and can be done by customers themselves. It weighs about 30 kgs and no assembly of products is required. The base is firm foam, there is a memory foam in the middle and at top is a breathable soft layer of comfort. It is ideal and manufactured for queen beds.


  • Multiple layers of memory foam.
  • Springy breathable foam to take care of the comfort and sleep quality.
  • A medium- firm mattress that meets all conditions for being an orthopedic delight.
  • There is the right amount of bounce in the mattress to give the sweet sinking feeling without causing a long time or overall depression.
  • The outer cover is washable and thus can be kept sanitized, dust-free and clean.


  • Once unboxed, it can’t be boxed at all by any human. Although the packaging is almost impossible, it can only be done with company machines.
  • The outer cover is washable but not waterproof, thus if you have kids who wet their beds it is recommended that a layer of rubber cloth should be used.

5) Zinus Support Plus Twin Mattress

This special orthopedic coir mattress has an amazing value for money. The previous buyers have rated this product 4.6/5, due to its low cost and exceptional quality. The dimensions of this mattress are length- 79 inches, width- 39 inches, and height- 10 inches.

It is a rubberized coir mattress that is majorly made up of high-quality foam and fabric. The manufacturing warranty for this product is of 5 years. It is a rather lightweight mattress that weighs about 51 pounds. It has a coir layer to support the spine and keep it fine and maintain a healthy body posture.

The premium cotton fabric offered in the production of the mattress not only provides a premium comfort feeling that provides support and breathability. The layer maintains a proper temperature for not only the mattress but also your body. There is a PU Foam layer that enhances support and offers a healthy, comfortable and supportive sleep. It also gives proper base support which is orthopedically necessary.


  • These mattresses are readily and conveniently available in various kinds of sizes like single bed size, double bed size, queen bed size and king bed size.
  • The price is extremely low and affordable by everyone. There is no better product available within this price range with these extraordinary features.


  • It does not have multiple layered foam mattress.

Buying Guide for Mattresses

While the top-quality mattresses have their own unique features, there are about thousands of mattresses available in the market, both online and offline. While some variation in cost, durability, warranty, some have rather serious features that distinguish themselves from majorly from one another.

One needs to do proper research and educate themselves in order to not be fooled or frauded during the economic transaction. Education, awareness and knowledge are crucial for making a good purchase. You have to choose the product you need and want based on multiple factors:

  • Type of Mattress: Innerspring Mattress, Adjustable Air Mattress, and Foam Mattress.
  • Return Policies
  • Warranty Period
  • Avoid Salesman Bully
  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Softness
  • Waterproof
  • Customer care services


It is really not possible to choose one particular mattress which would be the best you could get since there are multiple mattresses with commendable qualities. Mattresses are a long-term investment and choosing the mattress that best suits your needs requires a lot of thinking and testing.

Buying mattresses from well-known companies is shedding off worries because they always come with long term warranties. You need to know which type of Mattress meets your requirements and your budget and which type gives you the most comfortable and blissful sleep.

However, once you do figure out exactly what you think fits your needs, this list will help you choose the best mattress that meets all those requirements. You should always keep in mind what you need and match them with your budget to get the perfect mattress.