Best Mattress Protectors In 2021 – Read Before Buying

A quality mattress will ensure a good night’s sleep after a hectic day. However, people often forget that a mattress also requires some sort of protection to maintain its longevity. After purchasing your dream mattress, the next step is finding the perfect mattress protector. A mattress protector will act as a safety net against allergens, dust, spills, bed bugs and wear and tear.

You can get custom mattress covers or a one that will match with the size of your existing mattress. It is essential to find the perfect fit as a minor deviation can ruin the level of protection. A loose mattress protector will allow water spillage to enter your mattress.

Top 10 Mattress Protector in 2021

Our picks include mattress protectors will have innovative features, easy washability, outstanding laboratory performance and rave reviews. We have curated a list of mattress protectors of the top brands to help you create your ultimate bed goals.

1. SafeRest Waterproof Mattress Protector

SafeRest Full Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress...

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Keep your babies safe with this mattress protector from SafeRest. The cotton terry fabric is PVC, Vinyl and Phthalate free. With FDA certification and a 10-year warranty, this mattress cover offers a great value for money. Enjoy peace of mind while this mattress protector safeguards your bed from stains and fluids.


  • The cotton surface is incredibly smooth, noiseless and soft. The cotton terry fabric will absorb all fluids and allow heat and air to pass through.
  • The high-quality components will keep your bed dry, cool and breathable.
  • The SafeRest Invisa-Shield will maintain the feel of your mattress. You can use it on innerspring, memory foam and latex mattresses.
  • The unique design will act as a thin protection layer to stop fluids from reaching your mattress.
  • It is free of fire-retardant chemical treatments.


  • It is not available in too many sizes.
  • The fluid resistance power could have been better.

2. Utopia Waterproof Zippered Mattress Protector

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement - Waterproof Mattress...

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Utopia Bedding has integrated a micro-zipper facility to their mattress protector to enhance the protection levels. It will prevent the entry of tiny bed bugs, liquids and allergens. With natural moisture retention abilities, this mattress protector will increase the life of your landing pad. It is 100% waterproof and secures the bed from all 6-sides.


  • The impermeable TPU surface will protect the mattress from all bodily fluids, incontinence, perspiration stains and food spillage.
  • The soft top layer offers unmatched comfort, while the TPU backing prevents plastic noise.
  • The zippered encasement will completely seal your mattress and minimise any displacement issues.


  • It runs a bit smaller in size and is not customizable.
  • The material is not cotton which may cause a bit of discomfort.

3. PlushDeluxe Ultra Soft Breathable Mattress Protector

PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector – Waterproof,...

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This king-size mattress protector from PlushDeluxe is made from natural bamboo fabric to offer 100% waterproof protection. It will keep your expensive landing pads in pristine condition and fits up to 18inch.


  • The ultra-soft Jacquard bamboo fabric will shield your bed from allergens, liquids and dust mites.
  • The deep pockets and fitted sheet style ensures no noise and rustling sound.
  • It offers a hassle-free machine cleanup.
  • The elastic band will hold the mattress protector in place.


  • It doesn’t have a zipper facility.
  • The mattress is available only for king-size beds.

4. AmazonBasics Quilted Mattress Cover for Queen size bed

Amazon Basics Hypoallergenic Quilted Mattress Topper Pad Cover -...

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This quilted mattress protector from AmazonBasics will enhance your sleeping experience with better protection. You can easily machine wash this pad and dry at substantially high temperatures. The quilted pad comes with hypoallergenic fill to maintain ultimate hygiene.


  • It comes in various sizes and can fit up to 18 inches deep.
  • The knitted fabric sides will ensure secure and easy mattress protector placement.
  • The mattress protector offers easy-care, breathability and strength.


  • The stitching may loosen up without adequate care.
  • The fabric quality could have been a bit better, given the high price.

5. Linenspa Smooth Fabric Vinyl Free Mattress Protector

Linenspa Premium Smooth Fabric Mattress Protector-100%...

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The polyurethane backing offers complete waterproof protection and keeps out all sorts of liquids. The ultra-thin and soft material will maintain the original feel of your mattress.


  • The deep pockets enable you to fit mattresses up to 14 inches. The secure fit ensures sound and rustle-free sleep.
  • You can easily machine wash the cover and dry it on low heat.


  • The inner liquid protection could have been better.
  • The side fabric isn’t high-quality as compared to the top.

6. TasteLife Queen-size Waterproof Mattress Cover

TASTELIFE Queen Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector Cover - Fitted...

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TasteLife brings TOP NBH20 techniques in their mattress pad protectors to ensure a top-notch antiwater fabric. The material is hygroscopic and ventilative to provide a comfortable sleep. It offers silent and ultra-soft protection with 80% cotton fabric.


  • The Waterproof TPU material offers complete protection from liquids and stains.
  • With SGS certification, TasteLife ensures that its products are free of fire retardants, PVC, phthalates and any other toxic chemicals.
  • The extra-deep pocket can stretch up to eighteen inches.


  • You are out of luck if you don’t own a queen size mattress.

7. CrystalTowels Zippered Mattress Protector

Ultimate Zippered Waterproof Mattress Protector - 10 Year...

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The thought of bed bugs is enough to make you cringe. CrystalTowels is here with its zippered mattress cover to protect you from microscopic pests. The polyurethane lamination will offer increased strength and 100% comfort.


  • The top polyester layer and inner waterproof laminate offer the utmost protection.
  • The deep pocket protector and zipper closure will hold the mattress in place


  • The top surface may seem a bit rough if you want to sleep directly on the cover.

8. Bedecor Waterproof Twin Size Premium Mattress Protector

Bedecor Mattress Protector , Waterproof Breathable Noiseless,...

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If allergy keeps you awake at night, then this mattress protector from Bedecor is here to offer you a peaceful sleep. The impervious cover will keep out skin cells and allergens. The TPU film provides a premium waterproof protection.


  • The cotton blend terry surface offers an absorbent layer which soaks up all moisture.
  • The fitted sheet style will pull excess material to prevent rustling and noise.


  • You will have to work with a few standard sizes as too many sizes are not available.

9. SureGuard Six-Sided Zippered Mattress Cover

Twin (6-8 in. Deep) SureGuard Mattress Encasement - 100%...

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Enjoy 360-degree high-quality protection against bed bugs, liquids, allergens and stains with SureGuard Mattress Protector. It helps you to keep away odor and bed stain. The six-sided waterproof protection will offer enhanced health and hygiene.


  • It will regulate the temperature of your bed and prolong the longevity of your mattress.
  • The 100% soft cotton terry surface will naturally absorb all moisture and liquids.
  • The finest materials ensure higher durability and easy clean.


  • The price is almost double of similar products available in the market.

10. EaseLand Quilted Fitted Mattress Cover

EASELAND Queen Size Mattress Pad Pillow Top Mattress Cover...

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EASELAND comes with 32oz down alternative microfiber materials to offer great smoothness. It will protect your mattress from dust and bed bugs. It is available in various sizes and has a deep pocket design. It will absorb sweat and liquids to protect your mattress from odor and stains.


  • The top material is 100% Cotton 300TC fabric with microfiber fillings which is skin-friendly and soft.
  • The box design will keep the fluffy material intact.
  • 130GSM Elastic Single-track fabric to allow any displacement of the mattress.
  • It doesn’t require any professional cleaning.
  • The material has top-notch thread-count material which makes it highly breathable.


  • The price may seem a tad bit high compared to similar brands available in the market.

How to Choose the Best Mattress Protector

Now you have the list of the best-quality mattress protectors. But not all will suit your unique specifications. Mattress Protector comes in a plethora of options. However, it is essential to find the right match for your mattress. Here are the critical features to consider while buying a mattress pad protector:


Mattress protectors offer an extensive range of features. Choose the benefits that your mattress requires the most. Important features to consider include cooling material, waterproofing, protecting from bed bugs, and preventing wear and tear. Sensitive sleepers must opt for hypoallergenic fabric. Bamboo or Tencel mattress protectors are ideal for sleepers who are allergic to certain harsh materials.


The size of the mattress pad will determine its efficiency in protecting your mattress. Measure your mattress’s depth and size before buying a pad protector. The mattress protector must perfectly fit your mattress to prevent all spills.


If you want to enjoy a cool and calm sleep, you should opt for a mattress protector with great breathability. A pad protector that allows your mattress to breathe will ensure a good night’s sleep. It will prevent heat from getting trapped in the bed and enable sufficient airflow. Polyurethane waterproofing mattress protectors guarantee more cooling and airflow than vinyl surfaces.


You should select a mattress pad protector that offers optimum comfort. You can go for bamboo or cotton fabric as they provide great comfort. Layered or thick materials will provide added softness or cushiony feel. The knitting style and fabric quality will determine the level of plush finish. Jacquard textures will keep you warm while cooling protectors will eliminate heat. You can also choose from thick padded materials or thin surfaces depending on your level of comfort. If you want to keep the feeling of your mattress intact, opt for light fabrics.

Easy to Wash and Dry

Mattress Protectors will act as a barrier to prevent stains and spills from entering your mattress. It is essential to opt for a mattress protector that can be easily washed in a machine. Regular cleaning will maintain hygiene and keep the bed odorless. You should follow the care instructions to increase its longevity.

Warranty Period

To get the maximum value for money, you should opt for mattress protectors that are backed by robust manufacturer’s warranty. Most reputed brands offer a guarantee of 10 years. Such a contract also includes performance defects and manufacturing issues. You should register your pad protector on the website of the manufacturer after purchase. With a good warranty period and proper care, your mattress protector will provide service for years.

FAQs Regarding Best Mattress Protector

  • What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector will protect your mattress and offer added comfort. It will prevent all odor, spills and stains. It will also keep your bed warm or cold, depending on your purchase.

  • Do all mattress protectors come with bed bug encasements?

No. Zippered mattress protectors covering all six sides of your mattresses will prevent the entry of bed bugs. Such mattresses are sealed off to prevent dust mites, bed bugs and other microorganisms. You should buy a mattress tailor-made to prevent bed bugs.

  • Are all mattress protectors waterproof?

Most of the mattress protectors are waterproof. However, the level of water resistance varies from brand to brand. You should read the product specifications carefully before making a purchase.

  • Are mattress protectors hard to sleep on?

Mattresses with cotton terry surfaces and breathable polyurethane coating offer incredible comfort and breathability. It will also make the surface noiseless and maintain the original feel of your mattress.

  • Can I bleach my mattress protectors?

No. Stay away from harsh detergents and beaches to maintain the life of your mattress protector. Each pad protector comes with care instruction. You should read those instructions before washing your pad protector.

Closing Thoughts

You should invest in a quality mattress protector to increase the life of your mattress and enjoy maximum protection. Whether you want a spillage guard or a cover that will keep your bed cool, it is essential to find the right fit.

With amazing features, these mattress protectors will ensure that you sleep each day comfortably.

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